So Many Reasons to Die

So Many Reasons to Die
Length: 382 pages
Publisher: Haven Press
Publication Year: February 23, 2015
ISBN: 9780692358900
Greg Lamont and Andi Battaglia are police partners, adjusting to the slower pace of small town detective work—that is, until one hot Florida day when Greg walks into a motel room to discover that the murder victim is his ex-lover.
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Having moved north from Miami just a few months before, detective Greg Lamont walks in on a murder scene that hits home. When last he’d seen the victim’s face, it had been contorted with fury. Later, in the dark, they had made love with savage intensity. . . and the next day she was gone. Greg had always known she was trouble; now he’s on the hunt for her killer.His partner, detective Andi Battaglia, is also a recent transfer to the Burgess Beach Police. She had moved from Tampa in an attempt to escape her past but soon discovers that her past has followed her even here.

Despite, or because of, their personal lives, the two detectives soon find themselves drawn into the heart of Miami’s blazing hot South Beach nightclub scene, intent on unraveling the complicated life of an enigmatic woman and finding her killer–whatever the cost.